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Electric Teking bike

Step Throgh Electric Bike

Above: Electric Goat Wave/ Heinzmann conversion

Trekking Electric Bike

Above: Electric Goat Treking Comfort / Heinzmann conversion

Bionx Electric Mountain Bike

Above: Bionx conversion Kit

Heinzmann Electric Bike Conversion

Above: Heinzmann electric bicycle, with rear hub motor and lightweight state of the art lithium battery.

Electric Mountain Bike

Above: Red Elcetric Goat Stealth / Heinzmann


Electric Mountain Bikes Blog.

A New Breed of E-bike is of goat bikes ..........and we build them! Click image above to go the GOAT BIKES website!

They're lightweight, agile and sleek !

Eletric Bike
Above: Heinzmann Direct Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit.Fitted wih Heinzmann Direct Drive Retro Fit Kit


Full suspension Electric Bike

Above: Orange Gyro / Vivax Assist Conversion Fitted with Vivax assit


Above: Treking Bike with Carbon forks Fitted with Vivax assist


Above: Electric Goat Doeling with Sunstar Kit crnnk drive kit fitted


electric mountain bike conversion

Above: Folding Electric Montague Paratrooper Fitted with Heinzmann classic retrofit kit.


Riding A Heinzmann Electric Bike
Click the image on the left to see a video of the bike in action with High Power Heinzmann Classic kit


Vivax Assist Electric Bike

Above: The Electric Goat Forest Glider Fitted with Vivax Assist


Above: KTM Treking Bike With Heinzmann conversion (Classic Kit)


Above: Steinbach with Vivax Assist conversion


The benefits of electric biking - and ordering your electric bike from us

1. With the electric motor, a new pace is set, and suddenly the element of speed must be respected. Young, old and people with disabilities have found electric bikes greatly enhance their mobility. You don't need a driving licence, logbook, MOT, road tax or insurance to ride on the road in the UK. Cycle paths are open to electric bikes. Electric Mountain biking can be exhilarating on or off road.

2. The owner of knows what he is talking about. Steve Punchard has been living and breathing electric bikes for over 10 years and has an in-depth knowledge as to how they work and what is good or bad in an electric bike, so you can be sure to get the best advice from someone who knows!

3. On top of this we are a friendly family-run business who puts customer service first and are on hand to answer any of your queries before and after a purchase. We will be there to discuss the best options specifically for you, helping you to choose a bike that best suits your needs.

Electric bike info.

Electric Bikes have the same features as a standard bike, but of course there is one major advantage; with a powerful battery pack and an energy efficient electric motor operated by a throttle on the handlebars, you get the feeling of being pushed along by a strong invisible hand.With the right set-up they will considerably increase your speed and hill climbing ability. Passing cars in busy congested traffic is such a buzz!Itís up to you how much you pedal, you can use the motor on its own or you can pedal along with the motor. If you do this, you can expect 20-40 miles per charge (depending on the model and terrain).Recharge on 10pís worth of electricity and get the equivalent of 1000+mpg! or you can recharge with a solar or wind generator for a carbon-neutral mode of transport.

Apart from the obvious economical, ecological & health advantages, Electric Mountain are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who has a GO! GO! GO!


"If you would like to discuss exactly which electric bike would be best for you,
Please feel free to contact us"

Steve Punchard

"Some power packs offer a longer travel distance - and they can be solar charged,
but whether its for getting to work across town, or for enjoying the countryside,
we have the years of experiance that makes the difference."



Made In Great Britain

Riding an Elctric Mountain Bike

Top Class Bikes, fitted with Top Quality Drive Systems

" See for yourself "

Custom Built Electric bikes

Lightweight Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Goat - City Kid

Electric Goat - Alpine

Electric Goat - Rig Racer

Electric Goat - Stealth

Electric goat - Forres Glider

"Best In Class!! "


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Orange Electric Bikes

Heinzmann - Very tough, reiable Hill climbers with high speed motors too


"Take a look !!" "Congratulations on the your work with electric bikes."

"I admire the way you have more or less single-handedly created a category of bike." "Your designs and your website bring a liveliness and youthfulness that electric biking very much needs."

"I have ridden your bikes at Presteigne and was impressed by their power, which was noticeably greater than that of other machines."

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